Ruda Colectiva is a group of women photographers, gathered from the need to convene, to put on the table photographs that must be discussed and made visible, from the perspective of women in Latin America.

Currently it has eleven members from different countries: Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Guatemala, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

The intention of the Collective is to generate group narratives, from their territories, with a local perspective. Also one of its priorities is to promote spaces for inclusion and generate educational meetings.

In 2018 Ruda Colectiva began to build a first dialogue around the Territory, in order to create imaginary ties that unite us as Latin American women.

Later, in 2019, the ties became physical, when several of the members met in Guatemala during the camp, 20 photographers. In Guatemala they gave talks and workshops in Antigua and Guatemala City and they wrote a protocol against gender violence to be used in photography events.

They recently participated in The Workshop of Women Photograph in Quito, leading the reflective discussion "Women behind the Lens", which will soon be available on an online platform.

They received emergency funds from the National Geographic Society for coverage during the Covid-19 crisis. And they were accepted to attend the annual Muff training space of the Montevideo Photography Center.